Diamond Reserve Coin

Stable crypto coin with a price based on the prices of the man-made diamond


Diamond Reserve Coin aims to disrupt the diamond market by introducing a stable coin that price is based on the 0.001-carat yellow diamond


Prepare the technical documentation and White Paper for the project, and the website design

The new site allows users to learn about the project in a user-friendly way and understand how to take advantage of this stable coin

Group 3528

Infographics make it easy to describe complex processes and tell the story of a project

So What’s Next?

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Boom Telecom

Virtual operator with the most favourable tariffs for calls

Branding    Web UI/UX   App UI/UX

Boom telecom is a virtual operator who came to us with no online representation and means. Boom telecom is developing rapidly and its customers need a website with access to a personal account to manage their tariffs and numbers. Now customers will be able to use the new personal account and manage their settings online.

First, we designed a logo that would be recognisable to users and could be used in the promotion of the client

The final version of the logo reflects the company’s mission to unite people

On the new website, users can fine-tune rates and take advantage of unique services for the subscriber or business

Users can take advantage of new services and create a unique combination that supports their lifestyle

3D elements make the site friendly and easy to understand for every user

So What’s Next?

Let’s Work Together.